DevSecOps transition for Asia's largest bank

The largest bank in Asia was looking to make the transition to DevSecOps in an attempt to embrace the latest development workflow for fast-paced and secure development. Scantist helped them gain a high level of visibility into their software supply chain while highlighting security and licensing risks to increase productivity of the development team.

Fuzzing for server-like programs

Find out how Hollerith (Scantist's Smart Fuzzer) helped our client, Big Telco, disclosed exploitable vulnerabilities despite its server-like programs which rendered existing fuzzing solutions infeasible.

Application Evaluation for Investment Decision

A merchant banking firm was looking to invest in a start-up HR tech company. Prior to making a decision, it is critical to understand and evaluate the proposition of the tech company and verify the integrity of codes used in its applications and systems.

Evaluating the health of the development lifecycle

Find out how Thompson (Scantist's Software Composition Analysis tool) helped Deputy analysed the health of their development environment and track the dependency of components within their infrastructure while preventing the invalidity of their applications with the presence of legacy systems.